Intermittent wifi mode.

  • There should be intermittent wifi mode with forced sync with a configurable time interval. Rather than being on wifi all the time I can switch to this mode via notification screen. Then wifi will be activated at specific time intervals or duration to sync emails or other configured items. Rather then being on wifi continuously for entire day and then polling for email and notification this feature will definitely reduce battery usage :).


    @techie_chir Sure, Forwarding this to product teams to add to the wish list. If you can elaborate more, we would love to explore this in detail

  • @shubh Usually wifi will be always on and most of the time mobile will not actively using wifi connectivity even though is its available. Its used in background mainly by email,whatsapp,facebook,instagram and other applications to get notifications and email sync. So the idea is we need be connected to wifi all the time. Say, I am sleeping at 10:00PM
    but my wifi is on, or I am watching a movie on TV for 3 hours and wifi is on… I will not be actively using handset during such an activity. So there will be option in handset if in the notification bar called intermittent wifi, If I enable it then wifi will be switched on once in every hour for 10 mins (force a sync) and will switch off after 10 mins. This will save battery and user will still get emails and other notifications.

    The same will also be applicable for 4g and 3g and 2g data connection.


    @techie_chir Great! We will park this on a wish list for sure. Btw we think this mode will be better for 3G/4G than wifi, in new age phones, wifi consumes less battery and has all such optimisations at the driver level.

  • @shubh Glad to hear that, thanks for considering this feature. If time permits please also have a look at Dual sim call management and other feature requests which I have raised.