Dual SIM call management

  • Currently none of the handsets provide feature to route specific contact calls via specifc sim card (phone number). If I have 10 private and 10 public contacts, The default sim will be used while making an outgoing call to all contacts, but for 10 public contacts I want to use my marketing number while making out going call to them. So the default sim rule should be over ridden if the contact has “sim override option” set and only that SIM/phone number should be used while calling him. I need not select this while making the outgoing call.
    The same feature should be extended for SMS.

    Similary if a contact has sim 2 as its default sim and incoming call is coming from that contact to sim1 and alert should be give to user of the phone that public party is calling to private number :).

  • Is this phone a full sim active?

  • @Sachin-Salian I am not sure about that. But I think, irrespective of that, if the phone can associate a saved contact with a specific sim cards to be always used when dialing it then it would be a nice feature.

  • It’s important that when I’m talking on one sim, I should receive a call on the 2nd sim and display on the screen. It’s pointless if anyone calls my 2nd sim at that time and gets the message number unreachable.

  • @Sachin-Salian The call on 2nd SIM must go on ECHO - Mark 1’s answering machine I think.

    What do you guys think?

  • Product Team


    You can achieve this If you enable Smart Forwarding (Sence->SEARCH:Smart Forwarding)
    When you are talking on SIM1 and someone calls you on SIM2, that call will automatically be forwarded to SIM1 if Smart Forwarding is enabled.

  • @Kaustubh-Bhoyar Thanks for the response but the feature which I requested is not exactly call forwarding. to define in simple terms for different contacts in my phone I can assign different ringtones . Similarly for different contacts, I should be able to assign different sims to make default outgoing calls.