Dual Sim call manager

  • Currently none of the handsets provide feature to route specific contact calls via specifc sim card (phone number). If I have 10 private and 10 public contacts, The default sim will be used while making an outgoing call to all contacts, but for 10 public contacts I want to use my marketing number while making out going call to them. So the default sim rule should be over ridden if the contact has “sim override option” set and only that SIM/phone number should be used while calling him. I need not select this while making the outgoing call.

    The same feature should be extended for SMS.

    Similary if a contact has sim 2 as its default sim and incoming call is coming from that contact to sim1 and alert should be give to user of the phone that public party is calling to private number :).


    @techie_chir Interesting suggestion! Making a note of this :+1:

  • @techie_chir said: Thank you for considering …

    me feature should be extended for SMS.