Support for Enterprise VPN Apps ( Airwatch Inbox/Agent ?)

  • Hi CREO Team,

    Good to see the features. Have used TeeWee earlier, and one comment was that USB cords and other build quality was little not too rugged (Agree that it was only assembled elsewhere, hope some quality improvements are already in place, since we are targeting Mobiles)

    One Feature which is already present on Android and hope it continues with Fuel OS is the support for enterprise VPN options, for example Airwatch. (I’m in for a pre-order ASAP if Fuel OS continues to support Airwatch and gets listed itself on the VPN with them). Most of my colleagues who had RedMI/MI-4 and users of MIUI were taken aback when it was found that NO-SUPPORT.


    @kkrishnadeepak We will see if we can support this. Btw if VyprVPN works, will this work too?

    @Viplav-Chintan Can we take a look into this and see if we support this out of the box.

  • I’ve got my Mark-1… Have been using since 15+ days… the above app is also working… thanks (missed out on updating).


    @kkrishnadeepak Brilliant :) Thanks for sharing the update!

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