Software support for Mark 1

  • How long CREO will support Mark 1? 18 months or Two years?

  • We can safely assume 18 months…24 months is too long for an electronic device which sees change in trend every 3 months. They definitely will have to focus on getting Mark 2 with better hardware and once thats one I am sure we will experience same treatment as other phone manufactures.

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale Think in this way, CREO is emphasizing more on the “Software”, so IMHO they should support Mark 1 for at least Two years if not less. Other OEMs definitely have different approach, so no comparison here. Anyway, they are not going to have so many devices in near future, so it’ll not be a big pain I guess.


    @aniruddha-patil Our core focus is to keep our users updated with new features, we will try to support the users as long as possible. While developing features, we are very conscious about this particular thing and most of the times end up writing a lot of code just so that they are universal and can work across Android versions of the future.

  • @shubh Well, that’s nice.

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