Disappointed with the Specification

  • After creating so much hype
    Mark 1 just don’t meet up the expectations…

    1. No Snapdragon processor
    2. Using old MediaTek SOc
    3. No fingerprint sensor
    4. No OIS
    5. No NFC
      that’s why I am going to say big
      NO to this device…

  • Do you know the price for iPhone 5s? It’s Rs. 21,490.
    People still crave to own an Apple iPhone (especially 5s) due to its Build Quality and Software Experience. They don’t care about the Internal Specs, they just say IT’S AN iPHONE. So I don’t expect CREO to be so important for it’s SPECS rather it should focus on its OS Features.

    Have a look at the Nextbit Robin, the first Android phone that makes running out of space history. With the cloud integrated into Android OS, your onboard storage is merged with the cloud, so you always have the space you need. They don’t care to have HIGH END SPECS on their phones.

  • @bejoys0091 Exactly. Let’s just hope the India startup - CREO optimizes its OS so good that users will never feel a need for better hardware.


  • @VIKAS-KUMAR no need to have the latest see how long SD801 went for 2-3 years. and new mediatek is still in its infancy, it does not have any new cores just the added 2 cores and a speed burst. you dont need OIS, it has one of the best camera sensor around which has been used by Nexus 6P, Motorola newest kid on the block

  • The firdt thing you should be concerned of is

    1. Battery
    2. Camera
    3. Performance
    4. Software experience
    5. Sound quality

    I am sure this phone will deliver most of it if not all, mnwe can easilt hope to get a mazing camer a and newer modes too, good battery life and a smooth performance and experience… as far sound wuality it all depends on the speaker and DAC and on the software tweaks.

    I would prefer to see custom roms and easy unlock of bootloader and root.

    This phone can move a lot of companies from there roots, only if this phone gives a good experience, FP sensor, IR sensor, MTK should not be a concern, they are the least concern when compared to software

  • @Faisal-Shaharyar creo mark 1’s camera will match moto x style and even beat moto x play, but will never beat nexus 6p in low light shots or even in many other scenarious, the price difference is huge. I hope the next creo device is priced somewhat similar but provides best specs of its time.

  • @bejoys0091 Hey You
    I know very well about the iphone and it’s user interference their hardware and ios are absolutely synchronized. So there is no issue regarding its performance.
    And the Nextbit Robin is fully future proof…
    and they

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