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    Another week and yet another list of intriguing and interesting facts, figures, information and news for you to chew on.

    1.LG presents its V20 phone - the first phone to have Android Nougat 7.0 pre installed. V20 will reach South Korea this month, and other regions will follow suit. The prices remain undisclosed as of now.


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    2.As the release date for Google Daydream approaches, aren’t you eager to find out what it really is and what it looks like. We got you covered.


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    3.Amidst the hullabaloo associated with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion, let’s find out the real reason behind this unfortunate mishap and subsequent recall of millions of devices.


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    4.Majority of OEM events have one thing in common - they shy away from talking about the OS on which they have designed their phones i.e. Android. If this anomaly has bugged you, read on to find out the reason behind it.


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    5.The existence of Google Photos is widely known and its usage too is quite common. But, are you aware of the simple hacks associated with Google Photos which can make your life simpler when it comes to managing and being creative with what you capture through your smartphone.


    Here are those hacks which demand a sincere awareness.

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