Features I am missing in #Mark1

  • List of Things We Would have loved to see in #Mark1

    1. Snapdragon Processor
    2. Fingerprint Sensor
    3. Android 6.0
    4. NFC
    5. Dual SIM
    6. voLTE
    7. IP67 ( water and dust resistant) to start with
    8. Screen Size below 5.5" and FHD
      This is my list… What’s your ??

  • NFC
    Dual SIM (Not Hybrid)
    will be my choice

  • Yeah… This Hybrid SIM craze is really disappointing .

  • Features i am missing with Mark 1 are !
    *Snapdragon 64bit processor
    *Fingerprint sensor
    *A dedicated memory card slot
    *ir bluster
    *Missing a lot of 4G band support
    *it should be light weight & more slim

  • It’s their First time so we should not complaint about missing features , they are good and will automatically add these in their Next Phone.

  • @Piyush-Nagpal said:

    It’s their First time so we should not complaint about missing features , they are good and will automatically add these in their Next Phone.

    “Missing” doesn’t necessarily mean complaining… At 20k bracket some of these would have been “good to have” … Would have marketed this phone to a wider audience…

    Even I wish for the success of this brand as they are innovative… Software looks bang for the buck.

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale I mean if other Brand would be launching a phone , it is sure they will not provide much features first time.

  • @Piyush-Nagpal said:

    @Anirudha-Dhawale I mean if other Brand would be launching a phone , it is sure they will not provide much features first time.

    There are others who do… But thats not the point…

    Consider this as a wish list and an early Prep for Mark 2 … :) :+1

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale That’s what i am saying. #CREOMARK1 will have all the features. Stay Tuned for #CREOMARK2.

  • My wish is Native Video Calling

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale i agree with you. helio x10 + QHD screen proves to be deadly for mark 1.
    FHD + AMOLED is a deadly combination and I just hope creo comes up with mi note 3 specs with amoled screen and the good design they have on mark 1

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale Mine woukd be below 5inch display and OIS add up for that fentastic camera.

  • I want these in in creo
    Snapdragon Processor
    Fingerprint Sensor
    Android 6.0
    IP67 ( water and dust resistant) to start with
    Screen Size 5.5"

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale

    1. Snapdragon increases cost even more.
    2. What is the actual use of the fingerprint sensor? I have a nexus 5X and barely use it, looks gimmicky to me.
    3. It’s in the works I think.
    4. Same Gimmicky
    5. Dual SIM is there in the phone dude, lol

    Rest I don’t think is much important.

  • @Epsan Agree on camera. Current photo samples look amazing. But won’t comment until I pull some shots using amateur hands. Specs of #Mark1 camera are good. Let’s see how it fares.

  • CREO Support

    This post is deleted!

  • @Sober-Barik Its supports 4G/LTE but not voLTE

  • @Saumye-Srivastava

    1. SD will keep the price in this bracket. With MediaTek cost should have been between 15-17.
    2. Fingerprint may seem like a gimmick for now . Unlocking phone and apps and still keeping them secure using password/PIN makes it worthwhile. Secondly banks in India have started issuing contactless cards already. So mobile payments are not very far away. If rumors are to be believed Samsung has already approached RBI for approval of Samsung Pay. However thats all in future. For now I am comfortable using it to unlock phone and app. Its a must have but good to have kinda of thing.
    3. No comments on it. Check Twitter
    4. NFC is not a gimmick. Again if you choose to use it as intended.
    5. Phone has Hybrid Dual SIM slot ie. second slot can be used for Micro SD card or Nano SIM

  • I think love the idea of differentiation via software and not hardware. Things like FPS and NFC are yet to see mass adoption or really frequent use cases. I think I can do without it. Really looking forward to future update recipes :+1:

  • I think i would like to see more software features, hardware is a commodity now, so specs dont matter to me atleast. My list of software features

    1. Audio affects for audiophiles like me
    2. Theme Store
    3. Contextual search
    4. Continuity between PC and Phone (like take a call from PC, reply to whatsapp etc)

  • @junta Thats the way forward :)

  • @Human it is the way forward

  • @manan yeah dude, we need amazing features on software side

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale engraving is a real cool feature

  • @Saumye-Srivastava its hybrid dual sim, which is of no use, what if, if i want to use my existing memory card and my sims from my two mobiles

  • Mark 2 should use helio x25/x30 or SD652 to keep price in check since target market is 16-20k.
    X25/x30 must be preferred over 652 because of their superior foundry.

  • No GPS, did I hear that right???:worried:

  • @lalkrishan-singh GPS is there.

  • @Sunny-Khilare GPS is there in the phone. Just checked the specifications page.

    1. Snapdragon processor please. It’s futureproof they release all of them kernel resources. This will also user-friendly for custom rom developer

    2. 5.5 inch screen: ok you guys are going for phablet series that’s great. But thire still many users who wants smaller device having size around 4.7 to 5 inch.

    3. OIS & Laser AF: 21 MP is sounds nice on paper. But actually without OIS & Laser AF it won’t be best at its performance. All premium phone having around 12 MP of camera. But OIS and Laser AF make them best in performance.

    4. Fingerprint scanner: Now it is common feature even if is below 9000₹ in budget. Please make it in front side like how it is placed in Xiaomi MI5. Its clickable button with fingerprint scanner. It gives safety against accidental wakeup of phone when it is in pocket and we place our hand in same pocket.

    Hardware is not upto the mark at this pricepoint. Media Tek processor is really deal breaker. People using Oneplus one with all latest update just because its having snapdragon.

  • @sabu link to the specs page u visited?? Pls.

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