Choosing the right App of your Android Device

  • Owning a smartphone and using it properly both are two different poles. Today owning a smartphone is no big deal for any class of people as technology is made available for all kind of people and age of people. Companies are trying hard and coming with new smartphones with many technology and feature to offer you and help you to make your life easy. But you must know that smartphone is also a machine and it should be handled properly. Apps are like new software which you are installing on your phone, which may cause damage to your OS if it is not a proper app and if not downloaded properly, and also from a wrong source. You might be having Whatsapp for messaging, Facebook for social media, PIP camera plus for editing photos, Paytm, to pay your bills, etc.

    If you are curious about the choosing right apps for you, this article has some terrific introductory information. It will help you the choosing right app of your Android device.

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  • It’s pretty basic thing…but generally people install unnecessary apps, that too from unknown sites without knowing how those files can harm their Devices…and therefore complaints about Performance and Security of their phone…

  • @Shweta-Singh this is an issue that exists with any OS platform, pc/desktop or mobile … u install garbage, u reap the fruits for such behaviour …In Android there are some launchers / ROMs that would show you unused apps and how long they have been unused. You can uninstall them and free the memory …

  • @Piyush-Ranjan-Singh I think you can use some tools. For example, the Space Cleaner.It is a kind of cleaning tools. It can speed up your phone and clean junks.Maybe you could have a try.And there are many tools in Google Play.Just install one,then your phone will be better.Not an ad. Just a suggestion. Hope you can accept~

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