Appy Mondays - Apps you can't afford to miss


    Here’s this week’s short collection of apps which you must check out. This week our focus has been messaging and productivity with an app suggestion at the end which highlights a new algo to YouTube recommendations.

    Roger 2.0 & TalkHeads

    This is super fun messaging app with a twist, its focus is on voice. The main feature the app is introducing is TalkHeads, a way to talk to and listen to your close ones from anywhere in your phone.

    Download here

    Amity - Instant Messaging

    This brand new instant messaging app which is still in beta on Android, brings fresh interactive features to group messaging. But the bootstrapped team has spent two years developing it, and that’s evident from the diverse set of features it already has. A perfect example of old wine in a new bottle, but only point that the team hasn’t focused is encryption.

    Download here

    Microsoft Flow
    Microsoft is building few amazing apps for Android and Flow is just one example of their new philosophy. This automation app works exactly similar to IFTTT.

    Download here

    This app gives you full control over when your phone’s screen would go in standby, and when it would wake. From staying on when the handset is standing up at a certain angle, to waking it up by waving in front of the sensor, or putting it to sleep by placing something in front of the proximity sensor — it’s all there.

    Download here

    Shuffly for YouTube

    This is a must app for all YouTubers! In the recent years, YouTube’s suggestion algo has gone for a toss and often recommends some idiotic videos which you wouldn’t ever watch. Shuffly helps you find that good video which you would love to watch - the app reads your watching habits and all the liked videos to build an interest graph for you.


    Download here

  • Maybe I can have a try.Some of them interest me.

  • @Subodhk where is this months update?

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