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    Another week and yet another list of interesting and lesser known tech bytes trivia. Take a look:

    1.Google will soon dispense with the name “Nexus” for their smartphones. The eagerly anticipated phones to hit the market soon may have a different name altogether.


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    2.Google is planning to phase out its messaging platform Hangouts and replace it with a combination of “Allo” and “Duo” after they release Android Nougat.

    0_1472631090057_allo duo.png

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    3.About seven hundred tweets per minute contain a YouTube link. This makes Twitter - the biggest fan of YouTube.

    0_1472631111432_twitter youtube.jpg

    4.The first video uploaded on YouTube was Jawed Karim’s zoo video. Jawed is one of the three co-founders of YouTube. The other two being Chad Hurley and Steven Chen. All three of them were former employees at PayPal.


    5.Now its easier to stream content to Cast-aware devices as Google Cast has done away with its beta tag and is now fully integrated into Chrome. All users running Chrome 52 and above can natively use the protocol to stream content.

    0_1472631160287_google cast.png

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