Extracting ‘system.new.dat’ EASIEST METHOD

  • Hi guys. If you want to work on ROM image and are stuck with extracting ‘system.new.dat’ file (which is implemented in Lollipop & Marshmallow ROMs) follow this tutorial at this link

    If you face any problems, feel free to comment below. By the way, I am an independent rapper, singer & producer. IF you have free time, please do check the contents of the channel in which the tutorial video is uploaded. Thank you! :D

  • @Meraj-Mohammed what is the use of working on it what it does?

  • @Girija-Das it is the compressed /system partition, or folder that holds OS level files used by the underlying Linux operating system. This info is required only if you are doing intense level development on the android ROM which is >= 5.0. Not required for day to day users…

  • @saikatsakura thanks bro for the external knowledge😉

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