Appy Mondays - 5 Best Word Games for Android


    Word Games have caught the fancy of people since time immemorial. It provides you with an exercise your brain craves for. Many people shy away from it because it challenges you at a different level when compared to other games. We have prepared a list of 5 word games which will test your vocabulary as well as your game play.

    1. Wordament
    Compete with wordsmiths all around the globe with Wordament - a multiplayer game which lets you play against thousands of players in a single go. The rare the word, the better your points. Find words by swiping horizontally, vertically and diagonally. You can also ease your quest by rotating the word board. You can also add your Facebook or Xbox account with Wordament. A worldwide leaderboard helps to trakc your progress w.r.t other players.



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    2. Wordfeud
    Wordfeud allows you to play in 30 games simultaneously. You can find an opponent for yourself through Facebook or let Wordfeud choose one for you. It also lets you shuffle the board if the same board bores you. You can also chat with your adversaries strike a new bond.


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    3. Heads Up!
    Heads Up! is a really cool game and brings back so many memories of deck games played during parties. A game where a person holds up a card on his forehead and others give hints about that word, remember. The concept of Heads Up! is the same. Its easy and extremeley fun to play. One person hold up the phone over his forehead and the others provide hints for the word which appears on the screen. There are quite a few categories from which words can be chosen - celebrities, movies, animals etc. You can also save the video of the gameplay and upload it on Facebook.


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    4. Snap Attack
    You have 2.5 minutes and 7 letter tiles. The task at hand is to create words from those tiles and reaarange as many times as possible to create as many words as possible. It tracks your overall progress in the form of rich statistics. You can also add your Xbox account with Snap Attack. Xbox leaderboards keeps you aware of who is killing at this game. Snap Attack has added a dash of urgency to the classic game of Scrabble. Isn’t it exciting?

    0_1472459765648_snap attack.png

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    5. Bonza
    Your trusted crossword with an impressive tweak is what Bonza is. It is a melting pot of jigsaw, trivia and word search. Bonza gives you a topic and asks to make a full set of words by assembling the scattered crossword-style letter tiles. Interesting!


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