When you're planning to release Marshmallow update?

  • As long as I know, Mark 1 is running on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Now that Marshmallow is out for some months, I hope you guys are working on Marshmallow update. Because it’s being your USP you should provide the update real quick and being a close-to-stock-android device, it should not take much time.

    I think the next update should focus on Android M other than any other software feature. Without (quick) Marshmallow update this device will not be able to enjoy success.

    So, we hope you guys take this very, very seriously.


  • I am not worried about version upgrade just in terms of numbers. if we can get features like Doze , permissions manager it should be ok

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale Those features are supported by Marshmallow natively. Then it makes more sense to provide Android M instead of adding it on top of 5.1


    Hi folks,

    We are already working on the Marshmallow update, it is being developed and QA’d in our labs. We will be migrating to Android M soon.

    @Anirudha-Dhawale Yes, we have considered introducing some of them in 5.1.1, so even that is on the cards , you might see them in an upgrade.

  • @shubh First of all good to see some Admins around … Welcome to your Forums :)

    Thank you for the update.

  • @shubh 3 months ago you informed us that you are working on the marshmallow update. It will be comforting to know when you plan to release it for the Mark 1. A lot of us have been asking this and you seem to have been avoiding the question

  • @harshil yes it will make us rest ease as all my friends coming and showing cheap phone see i got marshmallow before you it’s frustrating😲so please tell the date guys come on what are you waiting for???

  • You will get to know some attractive features of Android Marshmallow. It will help you to understand this android OS version better.

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