CREO phone 4k Video issues

  • I took a video in 4k mode. But i am not able to upload to youtube or even edit in editing platforms as it says format not supported.

    I tried playing it in VLC player and it plays well.

    I also tried to convert it to 1080 and it failed. Not able to convert also.

    Dont know exactly what is the issue.

  • It is h.265 format


    @Anantha-Krishnan 4K video in h.265 format is a little tricky. Many video editing and playback softwares may face issues with it and do not support it. It is recommended to use a software to convert 4k video format from h.265 format to h.264 format. An example of such a software is Handbrake. Below is the tutorial for it. Please take a look.

    Link to Handbrake

  • @Anantha-Krishnan
    Hi try once in MX player(download all codecs)…

  • @Anantha-Krishnan just go to, open a free account, and upload your video. Then choose the output format as H264 and then submit. They will encode your video to the format u have defined and allow you a link to download the file. It’s completely web based and does not need any software installations.

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