Good delivery on current update, requests for the next couple of updates

  • The latest update has definitely made the phone work more smoothly, so kudos for that. Sense is working really well now.

    Have a bunch of requests for the next couple of updates, mostly low hanging fruit that is already there in other OS’s

    1. Assistive Touch (iOS)/Quickball (MIUI) : A hovering button that merges the best of both, giving exhaustive options with a few customisable shortcuts. There can also a few app specific options in the button as shown in these demo videos on circular menus MGPieMenu MGTileMenu

    2. iOS style launcher: The big problem with 3rd party launchers is adware/bloatware/privacy intrusions. Not to mention battery problems/lag problems/incompatibility issues. Finding one that works in iOS style while ticking all the other boxes is an impossible task. So can we get two launchers in the OS itself, one in android style and one in iOS style? That will save a lot of grief for users who want an iOS style launcher.

    3. Night Shift (iOS): Less blue in the screen after dark to make it easier on the eyes.

    4. Contacts/Dialer/Messages:

    • Option to auto populate contact photos from social networks. Also, auto populate business contacts with their logos, so its easier to distinguish between auto generated messages like bills, OTP, banks, retaliers etc with a quick glance.
    • Add one tap messaging in addition to one tap dialling in recent calls in dialer.

    @Product-Team @CREO-Team @Feature-Ninja Drop a line with your thoughts on these requests.

  • Yeah but the dialer is still slow why? Anyone listening

  • @Girija-Das and dial twice for ussd code

  • Yes, I really do miss the live display feature of CyanogenMod and the breathing notification!
    @CREO-Team can you please integrate this if possible?