Appy Mondays - 5 Best Health & Fitness Apps for Android


    The hardest struggle people are going through at present is - how to get back in shape? Numerous gym and yoga subscriptions have already been taken but to no avail. The waiste size and the calorie intake has become a matter of concern for people. In such a scenario, we bring you a list of health and fitness apps which will help you to win the battle you have lost on so many occasions.

    1.C25K Couch to 5K by RunDouble

    Achieve your goal of running regularly and getting back in shape with Couch to 5K by RunDouble. It is a fitness buddy you always wanted by your side. It plans your easy transition from a couch potato to a short distance runner and beyond. It also integrates with Android Wear.


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    It is one of the most highly rated fitness apps out there. You can track all your fitness workouts, analyze your performance, check stats and do much much more. Check it out.


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    3.Google Fit
    Its easy integration with Android Wear makes it one of the most hassle free fitness app. Its extremely easy to use and now possesses all kinds of functionality. It also provides personalized recommendations and coaching.


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    4.JEFIT Workout Exercise Trainer
    1300 exercises accompanied with animations to learn each one of them. Pretty much having your own personal trainer absolutely free of cost. The best thing about it is that it’s for everybody - right from an amateur to a professional body builder.


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    One of trusted apps amongst runners. It lets you create running routes for yourselves and helps in tracking your performance overtime. It also supports other workouts.


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