Launching Sense by swipe down action disabled!

  • Hi Creo…
    I see that after August update, swipe down on home screen is not launching Sense, instead it throws up a tip to double tap center button.
    Is that a intentional change? If so why, it was very handy to launch sense by swipe down.

  • I think its good. I anyways double tap for most of things. Sense is pretty unique if you guys have noticed. Cant think of a good equivalent in Android and iOS has Spotlight.

    But, Sense is more powerful that Spotlight- due to one simple reason - you can invoke Sense from the middle of any App that you can think of!

    Shopping on Flipkart and need a quick calculation - Double Tap and Go!
    Playing Atomas and need to send a quick Whatsapp? - Double Tap and Go!

    You can’t swipe down to use Sense if you are in the middle of an App, and if you press the home button and then double tap - it’s not so convenient right? Sense is all about getting things done in a jiffy, doesnt matter where you are stuck on your phone.

    Good move I’d say, Give double tap a spin!

  • Product Team

    Yes. The swipe down action to open Sense is disabled in the latest update. There are two particular reasons we have done that.

    1. When you change the launcher, the swipe down doesn’t work and hence cannot be used by the users always. A lot of users also found this confusing.

    2. Double tap on the home button works across launchers, apps and phone states. It works always. With time we are trying to bring a lot more to Sense and at that time we won’t be able to teach the user two ways to open Sense. It has to be one. Double tap on the home button is a very obvious choice.

  • @dhireshn Agree. I tried a few launchers after buying the phone and Sense did not work with any of them, so stayed with Trebuchet.

    But the bigger problem with 3rd party launchers is adware/bloatware/privacy intrusions. Not to mention battery problems/lag problems/incompatibility issues. Finding one that works in iOS style while ticking all the other boxes is an impossible task.

    So would it be possible to for @Product-Team @CREO-Team to ship two launchers in the OS itself? One in android style and one in iOS style. That will save us users who want an iOS style launcher a lot of grief.

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