[OFFICIAL] Fuel OS is here!


    Hello folks!

    We’ve been very tuned into some of the feedback received on the Mark 1 and we intend to kickstart the process of making your Mark 1 experience better from this month.

    To start with, we realized that one of the most important things you’d do on your phone is calling and communicating. While we have already empowered you with Echo in the past and even made it super convenient for you to use, we thought the Dialer could be made faster.

    So here you go, with an all-new Dialer which works like a breeze.


    We have also made some improvements on network stabilization considering some of the network issues you might have had, and will also improve data speeds to an extent. Apart from this, many bugs have been quashed in Retriever and Audio Effects.

    While this is quite minimal, this August marks the first of many continual improvements we shall make to your Mark 1 experience. All of this does not mean we will not introduce new features. We will continue to build features, but will also focus on making your Fuel OS experience on the Mark 1 seamless and fast. #RunsOnFuel

  • @Subodhk now now guys this is… What I call a update no need for new features if we can get really smooth ui and stable thanks so much for this update after 3 months this is what I call fixing a bunch of bugs next month battery and gaming performance and if possible theme store

  • No updates available for me. is the updated OS

  • Till now i didn’t get any update

  • Guys did any one got AUG update , till now no update for my phone

  • I got the update !

  • @Bharathi are you a beta user , @CREO-Support please let me know why i didn’t get update

  • @Anwesh-joshua , @CREO-Support even I haven’t received the update yet…😦

  • @CREO-Support @CREO-Team unhold issue is fixed in this update ???

  • I didn’t get any updates till now… what’s happening???

  • i have contacted creosupport , they told will get in couple of hours , since there are releasing partially to some users itseems

  • @Anwesh-joshua how and to whom the update beta user?I got it already at 12pm

  • @Subodhk I don’t know why u still can’t fix dial twice for ussd code

  • Hi All…
    my Creo updated yesterday by 12.15pm…

  • I got the update 2 times.

    Updated it yesterday around 12pm, and today was again asked to reboot and update.

    Why is this so @CREO-Support ?

  • @Subodhk that’s excellent news . :) Thanks for hearing us . . Excited to get see the ph performance now . .

  • @abbykoshy
    Yes…just before me also noticed that, there is another update with14mb …

  • @panchakshari what’s about this update that 14 mb can anyone say? @CREO-Team

  • 0_1471764970669_Screenshot_2016-08-20-08-13-37.png

    I guess the first update was 54MB. The second one was 14 MB(screenshot attached) came the next day

    @CREO-Support @CREO-Support @administrators

  • @CREO-Team yes guys confirm what’s this all about?

  • I have too received two times update first one is 54mb and another is 14 mb what is this? From yesterday my Bluetooth tethering is working but yet not working Wi-Fi hots pot. Thank you for worth update but this too small update as compare to previous. Hope next update will bring best.

  • @Neelam-Laxman mines working

  • thanx guys. dialler update was a smooth one. the major outstanding issues are battery heating/draining and camera glitches. of course, we could do with some theming facilities. hope for early solution to these too.

    and then, nougat is out there on nexus right now. when are we climbing up to marshmallow? we have a lot of catching up to do…pls pls…expedite

    when the glitches are removed and only refinements and bells and whistles are the only remaining monthly updates, why not think about a referral scheme? symbiotic relationship?


    Hi Everyone

    Do make sure that you install both the updates for your Mark 1 to function smoothly. Apologies for the confusion.

  • @Srinjoy-Das But i got only a single update of 53 MB. Please guide

  • @Subodhk @Srinjoy-Das @CREO-Team

    Been asking this for sometime that contacts be made searchable by the organization name also. So if tcs is typed, then all contacts having tcs as organization names also appears. This saves the need of appending ‘tcs’ to the person’s name.

    It’s a very basic business feature though available across many contact apps.

  • @abbykoshy sorry to say in between, but the required option is working fine with my Creo Mark 1

  • @Shaikh-Abu-Sofiyan thanks.

    Just prodded little more to find out that a simple space at the end of query makes a difference.

    E.g. just “jcb” doesn’t show any results

    But "jcb " shows results. Extra space makes the difference.

    Maybe @CREO-Team can confirm that it should ideally work in both cases.

  • @abbykoshy yes totally agree with your point, it should work other way also

  • Previously Samsung, LG devices got preview offer from Jio… yesterday, Asus and Panasonic…just now Micromax, YU and Alcatel…
    Hi admin people…why don’t you approach to get preview offer for our Creo…?

  • @panchakshari yeah @sai-srinivas @CREO-Team yes please try for it .

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