20 k price tags, whats a difference

  • Didnt we expected mark 1 to be less then < 20k
    this what we get , it is 1 Rs less from 20 k

  • Devices with similar config are available in this price bracket or even in the higher bracket. So 19,999 is justified at this point and time.

    This can be a strategy like major retailers where in launch the device at a higher price, then as time goes by reduce the price to attract more customers.

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale Will reducing price at later stage not discourage initial buyers who showed faith in brand to say with blindness… Bad strategy to reduce price at later stage. Rather introduce new product all together and sell other pieces in freebees form…

    20000 is high cost. Around 15000 sounds good. Why? To boost sell of Indian phone may be. Dont know if its manufactured in India or not. Marketing team should focus light on it if its make in India. By default its made in CHINA.

  • I am denying the fact it is … Specially with MediaTek processors which have failed test of time. Also by now have had a chance to look at all the features. Got 8 things are missing. (https://forum.creosense.com/topic/80/features-i-find-missing-in-mark1)

    Agree to price bracket of 15k for the launch…

    Currently using a standby phone… Now stuck with decision 2Buy or Not 2 Buy

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale Gone through your list, which has quite well identified features one may seek in new phone. Every one has different needs. For me, Helio X or Snapdragon doesn’t make difference.
    But, at 20000 INR IP67 is expected.
    Again Screen size of 5.5 is users choice but for me its too much (may be for 3000mah battery, but lesser is handy I guess)
    They have not mentioned Android version I guess, are you sure its not 6.0?

    And if you are deciding for Phone, dont go for Sony or Samsung, one is Over priced always and other starts to hang up too soon. Good luck :)

  • CREO SENSE must be appreciated for their ‘A New Phone Every Month’ initiative.
    Yes, you can get better phones for this price bracket but how many of those phones give you a regular guaranteed updates over the Software. Take a look at ONEPLUS, they always brings out what is called a “FLAGSHIP KILLER”, but do they roll out updates frequently? (I own ONEPLUS X). They focus on SPECS, but most of the time fails on UPDATES.

    CREO has set up a countrywide service network of 106 centers in 96 cities (set to increase to 300 centers in 150 cities in the coming months) and pick up and drop service in 15 cities.

    If the company is up to focusing on the USER FRIENDLY experience on the Software Side, then definitely I would buy one, not so fast since I own the ONEPLUS X :wink:

  • @bejoys0091
    It shouldn’t the point, immediately you start comparing the other’s available option in market.
    so please stop it.

    this is what we expected as per press release

    or was it just a beit to lure indian buyer. it is for sure it is not made in indIA phone only software.

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