Touch not working properly, phone rebooting on its own

    1. There is this major issue with the touch I am facing since a few days. A region in the lower half is not responding to the touch. The row where the predicted words turn up, that row is not responding.
      This touch problem is happening on and off, at times works normally(rarely) mostly does not work.

    2. Apps turning off on its own.
      Please tell me how to resolve these issues.

  • i have seen this happened with other models like iphone htc etc too. it happens due to the phone being carried in pockets. the material of the cloth will keep on rubbing on the screen and body of the phone, creating statically charged electricity. when the quantity of electricity developed in this manner becomes significant, it overloads the sensors of the phone, making it unresponsive. use a screen protector. Switch off gesture too. Courtesy another user GIRIJA

  • Even my phone acting like that. Now its too better to use it after taking care as I replied to ur prob. Luv it.

  • And where do I get a screen protector from?

  • I hvnt got screen protector. But following other methods, its working perfectly. My problems solved.

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