Echo functional only for contacts in my Contacts list

  • Hi,

    Can you guys make the Echo functionality work only for those contacts which are present in my Contacts list? Why I am asking is because a lot of indians have no concept of answering machine working in personal contact numbers.

    For example, if I book an Uber cab and the cab driver calls me back to confirm the address, and for some reason I miss the call, then echo sets in and gives a customized message to the driver. However, the driver does not understand it all and he keeps on thinking that it is ME who is speaking to him. So either he starts asking questions to the automated answering feature in Echo, or keeps on doing “Hello? Hello?” at his end. And after sometime he cancels the ride citing that he was unable to communicate with me.

    This kind of thing has happened with me a lot of times and not only with cab drivers, but for others also, like, Amazon delivery person, pizza delivery boys, tele-callers, tele-callers from banks etc etc etc.

    At one point i had to disable the Echo feature altogether. Then, the people who understand this feature, like my friends, co-workers, family members, they were not getting access to the Echo answering call machine feature and list of missed calls was mounting.

    Hence it would be great if this feature can be enabled only for those phone numbers which are saved in the Contacts list.

  • Yup… it’s a feature that’s required… still don’t get why ppl can’t understand the concept of voice mail!

  • U can get all functions if u download a spy recorder. Just start it and take all that u need.