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    1. At the DEF CON 24 hacking conference in Las Vegas on Sunday, Security firm Check Point informed that currently there are 900 million vulnerable smartphones and tablets using chipsets from component maker Qualcomm. The four vulnerabilities have been named “QuadRooter”.


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    1. In order to keep their focus singular and build a pure messaging experience, Jan Koum, the Co-Founder of WhatsApp has kept a note on his desk written by Brian Acton which reads “No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks!
      Their aversion towards advertising is widely known and till now they have not spent even a single penny on marketing and PR.

    0_1470899561092_no games.png

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    1. Netflix’s - which lets you check your connection speed in real time - is now available on iOS and Android. Fast is different from other popular speed tests because of the fact that it checks your connection to Netflix’s servers and so the chances of you receiving a manipulated and spiked data regarding your internet connection is minimal.


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    1. There was never a Palestine label on Google Maps. Moreover, a bug has removed the labels for West Bank and Gaza Strip as well. What’s your opinion about this glitch? Is it or is it not a conscious error?


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    1. Twitter’s first ever homepage looked like this: