why size of phone 5.5

  • This is not something we were expecting from Creo Team, as promised this would supposed to
    4.6 or 4.7 . we already have enough no of smart phone bigger in size , here t one more i added in to league

  • @chetanya-sharma

    It is really disappointing to have mark 1 of 5.5

  • My personal preference too is 5 " . But not all 5.5" phones are necessarily bulky. Due to uni-body designs they have become more comfortable to carry around.

    Lets give this device a chance …

  • Would have loved a 5.2" display!
    But even 5.5" is alright.

  • I thought it would be 5" or less than that,
    very much disappointed :disappointed:

  • 5 inch accepted if all features to fit in, or less than that 4.7 would be great. I am really trying to buy a phone in budget range at that size but couldn’t find one. Guys it shouldn’t overwhelm your hand rather fit in comfortably. HUMANS CONTROLLING MACHINES OR MACHINES CONTROLLING HUMANS. :)

  • Personally, I watch a lot of content on the phone as I am always on the move. For me 5.5" screen with Quad HD display is a major win. Who wants a phone and a tablet and a laptop? Also, specs reveal shows its pretty thin …

  • In an era when people are not buying TV, large screen will really help.

  • The age of tablets is gone. Phones have been moving towards 5.5"/6" displays to do away with the need for tablets.

    • Smartwatch - For quick notifications.
    • Phone 4" - 4.7" - For regular communications.
    • Phablet 5" - 6" - For communications and for consuming media.
    • Tablet 8" - 10" - For media consumption.
    • Laptop/Desktop - For getting work done.

    Why a 2K display?

    A bad display would make pictures taken by the best of cameras look bad. I’m guessing they want to show their camera’s prowess through this beautiful display. Disclosure: I love pixels. I’ve already played with the device and the display is stunning.

    What about the battery? 2k will ruin it?

    I’ve to accept that it’ll be a little more taxing on the battery compared to a 1080p, but then i’m cool if the battery lasts till bed time before I plug it in. On the rare occasion when I’m travelling, I usually carry a power bank. Apart from that I’m looking forward to enjoy that screen everyday.

    I’ve come to expect a device lifetime to be 1.5years from date of purchase, by which time there is already a newer drool worthy device. If someone provides me with a better software experience [echo, smart forwarding, sense], my money is already on the counter.

  • Yeah,5.2 inch with amolded screen would have been just perfect.2k screen is good but i don’t think that x10 meditek chip and 3100 Mah battery can bear it.It will drain before you know it

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