Appy Mondays - 5 Best Personalisation Apps for Android


    We have put together five best Personalization Apps for Android for your consideration. These are delightful apps which will leave you amazed. Do give them a spin:

    GO Locker
    It is one of the best and most trusted lock screen apps out there today. Apart from lock screen, Go Locker provides quick settings shortcuts, numerous themes with varied unlocking styles and also lets you clean up RAM to boost performance. It boasts off more than 100 million downloads with a current star rating of 4.4.

    APUS Launcher

    Give an altogether different look to your phone with APUS. It offeres you thousands of free wallpapers and themes. It also cleans up RAM and thus, improves battery life and device optimization. Wait no more, make your phone one of its kind with APUS.

    Swipe Status Bar
    It prevents the disruption of continuity of a particular activity when you are buzzed with a notification. With this, you can access your notification panel faster than usual without quitting the application or video you have been busy with.

    An ad-free platform to make ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds of choice from your favourite audio files and recordings. Go ahead, trim the soundtrack you love and use them as you wish.–ce-wGbY

    Cover Lock Screen (beta)
    Do away with unlocking your phone everytime you want to view or launch apps. Install Cover, an intelligent lock screen app which possesses the ability to learn. It learns from you and fetches the apps for you when you need them. With the aid of Wi-Fi and GPS, Cover learns where you are and modifies its app results available on your lock screen.