Fully preloaded maps

  • What if maps are fully preloaded…!
    Integrated with Creo Fuel OS and Sense, the users can be provided a friendly environment with voice command and Driving options… 😊

  • @Mohammed-Shebin The feature is already provided with Here maps. Go and search it in app store. You have the option to download maps for specific regions and then pre-load them every time you open the app. However, now, offline preloading of maps are also available in Google maps.



    Even with downloaded offline areas, you need to update them frequently. You actually end up spending more data repeatedly downloading the offline areas. (Check with Data Manager :D )

    Currently Google Maps allows you to a 30 day expiry period, but some areas actually update in less than 15 days, so.

  • @Srinjoy-Das Yeah the feature in Google maps is not that much good. However with HERE maps, after you download the area map(and i woud suggest using wifi and not data connectivity for that), the update that’s provided is incremental in nature. You do not have to download the entire map again.

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