CREO: loosing it's customer's trust

  • Re: Bluff From Creo team

    @CREO-Team @CREO-Support @sai-srinivas , I still really wanna be with CREO, but it’s hard time that CREO realises that it has to deliver what customers want and not what their limited skilled team can do.

    We asked for camera fixes, network issues be resolved, performance issues etc, here have our incomplete privacy setup app lock.

    We asked camera fixes again and tadaa guys here’s your goddamn viper for Android.

    I don’t know who asked this team to give us viper for Android or this security patch.

    Guys if you really want to get our faith back can you share the stats on how many people asked for the updates that were provided till yet? How about you pick the feature the community asks for and have our vote on it to see what we really want and thereby completing the checklist and making Mark 1 the phone of the future. No? Is that a hit to your transparency? Why?

    It’s our right to know what is the most requested feature by community and how many users want that. If possible this must be the first thing you guys do on this lounge.

    And as said earlier I am still with CREO mark 1 hoping for the best.
    P.S I still have to complete it’s Emi and can’t buy another one till a year. So you have that much time. ;-)

  • i need volte update

  • Do u guys have any self respect ? Any regrets or do u have regrets but don’t know how to fix bugs? Not capable enough no knowledge?