Nobody is ready to buy this phone even in Rs. 5000. Giving it away for free now

  • After having numerous issues with just the normal working of the phone which includes battery, camera, phone app, network, touchscreen, heating and software issues. Rest everything works fine.

    I am now giving it away for free. Winner has to suggest the best tagline for CREO Mark1. Original is: “A new phone every month”.

    Winner: I will decide

  • Bro …May be am the winner I already gave away phone for free of cost to a friend…

  • said in [Contest] Nobody is ready to buy this phone even in Rs. 5000. Giving it away for free now:

    A new phone every month


  • @Ajay-Kumar hahahah ROFL … u guys would be hounded out by the fanboys…

  • A new brick every month … with bugs

  • Situation is same here,no one willing to buy this metal crap for 4000 rs.,now this phone is doing duty of landline at home

  • @Piyush-Sorathiya ha ha … i lied to my wife that i had returned the phone and they have substituted it with a new model. actually, i hid it and bought a lenovo zuk z1. wastage of 19000 rupees.

  • @saikatsakura I literally saved for a couple of months for a phone. Saw their videos and all the fluff around Creo Mark 1, bought it with a lot of hopes. Now when I see these guys don’t even care about the issues and only care about sending a fucking stupid feature every month it burns my heart. I hope somebody sues them for cheating and fraud.

    Never trusting a startup with my hard earned money again.

    On that note: Do these guys are even planning to send a Marshmallow update anytime soon? Last I heard it was coming in June. @Product-Team @Piyush-Sorathiya @Girija-Das @administrators

  • @saikatsakura ,hahahhah,u done excellent job,well done,best decision

  • CREO Mark 1: “The same paperweight every month!”

  • @Piyush-Sorathiya Same case here as well bro…
    I have also lied to my wife saying that i have sold out the phone and bought a Samsung A7.
    But actual fact i have hidden phone in my office desk for few days then donated it.
    I really wasted a huge amount of money :-(

  • HI

    If anyone want sell phone for 3000rs , i am ready to buy, with billl and box

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