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    Keeping the spirit of knowledge, trivia and information alive, we bring yet another set of 5 lesser known facts and news bytes to fuel your general knowledge.

    1.Attention guys! The latest “innovative” Instagram feature called “Instagram Stories” is shamelessly inspired by “Snapchat’s Story” feature. Visible for 24 hours and subsequent disappearance, doesn’t it sound familiar?

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    2.During the early phase of development at Stanford University, 10 separate 4GB hard drives were used to store Google’s search engine algorithm. This is because Google scoured the web with link structure approach and that required considerable space in those times which was only possible with multiple hard drives.

    0_1470219714683_google 10 4.jpg
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    3.Which of the following developed the first cellphone?

    Ans) None
    Motorola invented the very first cellphone and it was called the DynaTAC 8000x. It was launched in 1983.

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    4.Google wasn’t known as “Google” when it started. Since its algorithm ranked pages based on back links, it was initially called as BackRub.

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    5.Before the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gets launched on 19th August, it has been announced that it will boast of an added layer of sturdy protection in the form of Corning Gorilla Glass 5. With this, Samsung becomes the first phone to flaunt Gorilla Glass 5 and has nudged out Apple in this competition.

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