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    Round up of articles you must check this week

    • 2 million people access Internet on railway stations

    Could you ever imagine 2 million Indian travelers having access to good WiFi internet connectivity on railway stations? A simple answer - NEVER! But thanks to great initiative by Google, this has become a reality today. This brings a hell lot of scope for innovations to build content especially entertainment oriented which will cater to these travelers.


    Google is one great platform company, opening up channels for everyone in the ecosystem. This is one landmark step towards fulfilling the Digital India dream!

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    • Nexus Launcher

    Google has been experimenting with its own launcher for a while and given the heavy demand for a smart launcher in the market, there are enough rumours in the market to believe that Google is debuting a brand new Nexus Launcher. Would be interesting to see how this evolves with several other launchers like CM Launcher, Aviate Launcher, GO Launcher push hard to render a great user experience.

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    • Chrome OS

    Google’s another big push - Chrome OS Beta is getting updated to a newer version today which brings over a million Android apps to Chromebooks. More importantly, this serves as a signal that the feature is closer to a general release.


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    • Google Search and Olympics

    Google’s search team’s focus has been bringing contextual event updates to users, now this time - Google is bringing video highlights and updates to your search. For all those busy sports enthusiasts, Google has partnered with broadcasters from more than 60 countries to provide official event highlights via YouTube cards.

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    • Interested to develop Android Apps?

    Great informative read on what it takes to build apps these days with so many varied approaches towards solving the same problem. This is one of those piece which you must bookmark!

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    • Special Section

    Bluetooth 5 was recently announced by the Bluetooth SIG. What it is? Why is it a good thing?

  • Good to see Google taking Launcher seriously and gearing up for a (hopefully) better version. Currently too many folks used third party launchers currently!

  • Free wifi deployment by Google is a great initiative, I must say. And as Sundar Pichai said Mobile is indeed the engine that is driving everything. Scaling up to 100 stations by end of 2016 is awesome news, lets hope they achieve it.

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