Adding AM/PM indicator for the Lock Screen watch

  • Hello,

    From the images and videos of what I have seen regarding the Creo Mark 1, everything was awesome except for the lock screen, which has this big time indicator, and doesn’t have the AM / PM indicator on the lock screen watch, This feature has been missing from premium android phones, cyanogen phones and one plus range of phones, I would love to have this feature on the lock screen clock, I know many of my friends who would want the same feature, hope this feature gets the attention it needs


    @coolguynothot We hear you. Care to explain more with some screen shots?

  • @coolguynothot Hey there. It’s included by default in the Date and Time Settings. Just toggle off the “Use 24-hour format” and you’ll get the AM/PM indicator on Lockscreen.

  • @Rachit-Rastogi Oh Rachit is also CREO team member \m/

  • @Rachit-Rastogi I think what he means is AM/PM indicator. If you change that setting, time will get displayed in 12- or 24-hour format, but if it is in 12-hour format it won’t show you AM or PM. It will only show you the time.

  • Hello everyone, sorry for my late reply, this is what I was exactly talking about… I’m attaching 3 screenshots.

    1. Lock Screen of Yu Yuphoria on Android
    2. Lock Screen of Yu Yureka on Cyanogen
    3. Mark One’s Lock screen

    The lock screen of Yuphoria has the feature of AM/PM on the lock screen which is absent from the other two, which can be easily recognized by playing a small game called “Spot the differences”

    Screenshot NO. 1
    Screenshot NO. 2
    Creo Mark One’s Lock Screen

    I hope the screenshots make it clear on what my actual feature request is… So, is there this AM/PM feature toggle setting on the Creo Mark One ?

    If not PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make turn that into a feature or add that in any of your monthly updates…, I know I’m nitpicking but this is a very important feature for me. Cheers! Let me know about what the team has decided on this…

  • Product Team

    @coolguynothot Here it is on the Mark 1. All you have to do is change the time format from 24 hour display to AM/PM. 1 tap from Sense :)


  • @Vivek-Jha okay AWESOME…!!! Buying this for sure…!!!

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