Display is not responding and always on

  • Dear CREO team please look this video , and part two link also available in the description of the video part 1

    The screen is unresponsive , the touch buttons work though . when I hard restart my pH the time shifts back to few hours , please look into this issue .
    Its frustrating during urgent uses like meetings , and humiliating.
    This happens once every two days like !!

  • @Pradeep-Jayabal that’s what I said u don’t need to reset it just reboot

  • @Girija-Das ops !! Sorry , reboot* thanks for correcting .
    @CREO-Support please look this

  • @Pradeep-Jayabal 😳thank u for catching this moment I could never catch it see this @saikatsakura and CREO team this was what I was saying fix it it really is embarrassing in front of friends

  • @Girija-Das
    Hi all…
    Yesterday I also suffered a lot…
    When I unplugged from charging,my Creo continued on then off for 20mins, then I call to Creo customer care, they suggested hold the power off button for 30sec…
    Then my phone switch off…after ward’s no issues…

  • CREO Support

    @Pradeep-Jayabal Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience, one of our technical engineers will contact you soon.

  • @Sober-Barik me too facing the same problem

  • @Sober-Barik yes me too

  • CREO Support

    @Girija-Das @Kamal-Sekar Hi, support team will reach you soon.

  • @Girija-Das i see the phone was charging. was the body of the phone too hot? also, this is exactly what i was talking about. had similar issues with android and wphones and only after a reboot or keeping the phone separate for a few minutes it starts to work.

    You will notice that the data counters or indicators in the drop down status menu was working without issues. Hence the software was working fine. only the touch screen was not registering any input which is a hardware problem. This can happen due to static electric charge build, but its not the only reason for this. It can be an inherent hardware flaw too.

  • @saikatsakura this must be a hardware issue and phone was not charging and yes I have never faced this issue in any phone this phone gave me the first experience of such a awesome bug😂

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