Still problem with touch screen

  • please listen to my words n fix screen problem. It types itself whatever it feels. opens app automatically. if not fixed I don’t recommend this phone rather I throw this phone.

  • @vidyasagar-R yes once in a while it happens like when I opened my phone it won’t recieve anything and only draw notification drawer when turned off again lights on have to keep holding power button for 10 seconds

  • @Girija-Das i have seen this happened with other models like iphone htc etc too. it happens due to the phone being carried in pockets. the material of the cloth will keep on rubbing on the screen and body of the phone, creating statically charged electricity. when the quantity of electricity developed in this manner becomes significant, it overloads the sensors of the phone, making it unresponsive. use a screen protector.

  • CREO Support

    @vidyasagar-R Hi, Request you to please make a one minute video of your phone screen and send us to

  • @saikatsakura no bro phone kept like that ideal and suddenly it happens rarely

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