Bluff From Creo team

  • As it turn out to be. There is is no differences between creo and Indian politician. What you guys said on the launch a new phone every month new experience every month wow i m actually having lots of new experience with equilizer in audio which is already available in music player and then come applock omg what a update i never seen applock in my life. This is what you people do in 3 months seriously
    Don’t make false promise if you can’t Complete them


    @Viraj-Joshi I’m sorry that you are not satisfied with our updates. We make features every month and we want to build stuff that our community wants.

    So why don’t you help us by suggesting a couple of ideas that you think you would like to see in your phone :)

    We are always listening.

  • @sai-srinivas bro then make this phone a all rounder in performance and other aspects like camera and customization boot animation is really slow and whenever my friend take my phone for camera and performance they say it sucks but camera is alright it will be okay do something about this first every time minor battery fix or performance fix won’t help give a big update to fix this once and for all and then see the response😀
    It’s been already so many months but no fix or update for this and u guys don’t give us news about marshmallow also

  • @CREO-Support Guys please solve performance issues first , slow camera , laging games , etc…

  • @sai-srinivas before adding any new update fix bugs in camera animation lag etc. Don’t add updates like that it’s just embarrassment to you guys who says new experience every month plz do something cause you’re loosing faith

  • Here CREO is saying that they want to build stuff the community wants. But till now i have not seen this happening in any one of the updates. They are blatantly ignoring bug fix requests and creating one SINGLE feature every update. And none of these features are absolutely necessary or game changing. The maximum I have seen people shout about a feature is the creation of a theme store or support for different icon packs. And till now have not seen any update on that. How many people have asked for an app security feature? Where is the data supporting that?

    And most importantly, why is it such a big thing to give fixes on camera or gaming performance? Even in three four months you couldn’t provide a single update to fix these issues?

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