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    Google Map Update -

    Google has pushed an interesting update to Google Maps which now gives the privilege to every user to set Google Maps to only work in WiFi mode. This way, you do not have to use your cellular data while using Google Maps, assuming you pre-downloaded the maps before you left your WiFi connection.

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    We bet no-one ever thought we could be going on a date catching Pokemons, what a time to be alive! If you’re single and ready to go on a date in the tall grass, or just a PokeFan looking for fellow enthusiasts then PokeMatch is the best app for you out there.

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    New WhatsApp Update

    WhatsApp from just being a simple messaging platform without much customization is slowly evolving into a full stack communication platform. The latest update to its app (which is still in beta) unveils a new voicemail feature and the ability to use mono-space text formatting.

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    Google PlayStore changes for the Dev Community

    Google has been working really hard to make sure the size of the app updates goes as minimal as possible to let most data users update their apps on cellular data. In this regards, Google’s latest update to the algorithm has made the updates even smaller. Just for example, the latest update to Chrome app resulted in shrinking a major 22.8MB update down to 12.9MB, and a smaller one from 15.3MB down to just 3.6MB. Good times for every Android user out there!

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  • News item 4 is going to be absolutely kickass offering from Google. Shrinking the update size further will be a boon.:basketball_player_tone1:

  • Google has no other option than go for the point 4 mentioned above. Earlier apple was sued by consumers for the large sizes of their update files, which took up significant space in the iPhone. And apple started engineering app update files with smaller sizes. Hence, Google has to do it too or they would face the same issues in the future.

  • Actually pokemon go is lagging in creo mark1 do something about it

  • @Viraj-Joshi nearly all games are lagging

  • @Viraj-Joshi ha ha gaming lag is the new hot and happening zigzag in mark 1 … yo ;)

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