Appy Mondays - 5 Best Productivity Apps


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    We are kicking off Appy Mondays, when we’ll come out with a selection of Apps you’d download and love to use from various categories every Monday.

    We are kicking it off with Productivity Apps.

    In today’s fast paced lives, it becomes really difficult to keep up with the pace you have set for yourself. You are so caught up with your office and household tasks that you invariably miss out on something or the other. But, you would be glad to know that there are quite a few applications on Android which are extremely helpful in maximizing your productivity and keeping you up to date w.r.t to your work as well as what’s happening around you. Here are some of the best rated Productivity Apps for Android.


    There are a number of websites and blogs one follows for daily dose of news about politics, market, entertainment, sports, technology, investment etc. But, it becomes an arduous task to keep switching between different such avenues and proves to be a waste of time and effort. Feedly allows you to organize all your favourite and preferred source of news, knowledge and entertainment by putting it all under one roof - your smartphone. Feedly is a mobile as well as desktop news reading tool with which you can keep yourself abreast with different news sites, blogs and YouTube channels as well as discover new ones based on your preferences.


    Are you fed up of keeping track of multiple email threads? Do you miss out on one or two important threads because there are one too many? Worry no more because Android app Asana allows you to manage multiple email threads by segregating the project related communication. With Asana, you can push aside the discomfort of communicating over numerous email threads by creating projects and assigning tasks to individuals, commenting and raising requests, establishing and chasing deadlines and much more.

    IF by IFTTT

    Go ahead and connect numerous devices and services together to save that little bit of extra time and effort. Sounds fun and productive, right! IF is a valuable assistant which helps you to maximize your output with the help of synchronization. For instance, if you are working remotely and you have uploaded your work on to Dropbox or Google Drive, IF takes up the job of notifying your colleague by sending them an email. Alternatively, it can also message your colleagues on WhatsApp or Slack considering your preference.

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  • Quite impressive apps. Will definitely give it a shot.

  • @Srinjoy-Das a gd attempt!! Also include some new and good games

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    @saran said in Appy Mondays - Your Weekly App Digest!:

    @Srinjoy-Das a gd attempt!! Also include some new and good games

    Agreed @saran

    Coming up next week, we’ll talk about new and addictive games not many people know about.

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