Fake an incoming Echo(call) on pressing any defined combination of 3 buttons (vol+/vol-/power) present on Mark1

  • Many times we are in a situation where we want to avoid talking/confronting some1, best possible thing that we generally do in such a situation is “fake a call” , and say “hello… ya… ok…” kind of stuff and avoid situations.

    Unfortunately, some times the other person whom we want to avoid peeks in and checks the call log, we are caught red handed (fevicol + zandu balm kind of headache creating friends at times).

    May be a creo office assistant or creo support or whatever user suggested contact could be associated with this fake echo call. (Please note that if a real call does come, we should be able to recieve it… just need to show up that we got a call and should be able to show in the call history if in an embarrassing situation).

    P.S: We could also use this to avoid confrontation in office with peers.

  • Lol. Wicked idea, @kkrishnadeepak :D

  • CREO Support

    @kkrishnadeepak Hey, Nice impish idea, even I would also like to request the same feature.! :)

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