Make Fuel OS Open for developers

  • Hi All,

    I just want to say that Fuel OS has a really high chance to become the great OS for India and lots of untapped potential.
    And it can only happen if the the source of the OS will become open or if the team can port it to another devices as well.
    As right now I am really not satisfied with the current Mark 1 configuration and price.

    So, it will be really great if first we can focus on the Fuel OS to make it a community driven OS.

    Let me know your thoughts about it.

    A Creo Fan!!

  • Hello

    @vikxi I’m a developer working on a device with Creo Mark 1 similar HW Specs/Components (CPU/GPU/Display/RAM/Storage/Camera Sensor/Battery/etc…).

    Such mobile device is AMOI L861. You can find related stock & custom roms for instance on NEEDROM (Categories / AMOI / Other Subs). Besides (together with other developers) we are working on an improved custom kernel for such HW platform / device tree (check on GitHub).

    If You and/other users have managed to dump / readback your latest ROM image (using i.e. SP Flash Tool) we could collaborate exchanging / sharing infos & code/references.

  • Hello

    @vikxi & everybody, who wants to join in development, we may start retrieving the scatter file for MARK 1 device.

    A scatter file is indeed required In order to dump first current image/partitions of your Mark1 phone & to flash ROM images through SP Flash Tool.

    In order to retrieve the scatter file You can follow the full instructions available at :

    where You also find the download links for required drivers & software.

    Once We have a scatter file for MARK 1 it will be easier to define how to proceed in order to dump/readback the device & prepare flashing custom rom images.

    Besides, in order to avoid the dispersion of provided contents & infos, I suggest to use a single discussion-thread on Community Forum to collect all modding related messages :

    P.S.: I’m attaching the IMEI check done for L861 device. It could be indeed useful to check if there is also a manufacturer-sharing between MARK 1 & L861. You can check your IMEI at :

    0_1478373418635_2016-11-01 (1).png

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