[OFFICIAL] Launching Inside CREO


    Hola Everyone!

    We are forever looking out to reach out to you, the MAKERs in our Fuel Community for your suggestions, your love, your feedback and the priceless bugs you report and help us make Fuel OS better. We are here where we are, solely because of your continuous love and support, and will look forward to your unending love and support as we make Fuel OS better each day, every month, continuously.

    Having said that, I’m sure the reverse is also true. You the MAKERs would also love to know more about us, how we evolved and how we continuously strive to make your smartphone experience the best in the world.

    With that in mind, we are launching “Inside CREO” a brand new section on Fuel Community which gives you a snapshot of how we evolved and a sneak peek into what we are building and how we strive to bring you, your updates and your features.

    Participate, cheer on, ask questions about our philosophy and keep discussions civilized.

    Please note that for direct queries with the CREO Team over bugs and open questions, do stick to the relevant sections (Suggest a Feature, Mark 1 Bugs etc). Inside CREO as a platform is dedicated solely to our principles, philosophies and mostly around why we do what we do!


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