Awesome Fuel OS Trick - Customize Buttons

  • How many taps and swipes have you wasted for this?

    1. Accessing quick settings
    2. Go back to Previous App

    The Navigation Bar is designed for convenience if you want to use it that way, sadly most people just use it one the one-tap system. There are multiple other interactions that you can execute such as Long Press and Double Tap on the other buttons.

    Access the Buttons Settings from Settings or type Buttons in Sense


    In Right Button

    Long Press - Invoke the Quick Settings
    Double Tap - Go back to previous App

    Due to the large 5.5 inch screen you can easily access the quick settings without the swipe down, and quickly double tap on the right hand button to go back to previous App. (It’s super handy and is actually feature of Android N)

    Once you get used to it, you’ll wonder why did you not do this before!

  • I recently customized the buttons the way you said and I am absolutely loving it. :basketball: