Does the phone come with USB-C?

  • Is the phone coming with micro-USB charger or USB-C Charger?

  • I think micro USB! Not USB type c

  • @rohith-iyer Nope.

  • Its micro USB, not Type C

  • Fast Charge with micro USB… USB-C maybe next time :)

  • It has simple micro USB port.

    • 1 for Micro USB as an option right now. Also Type C has little to no impact on fast charging. It is for better data transfer speeds only

    USB Type C makes sense when it is adopted widely. Cannot charge anywhere in public places like malls, airports , heck even at friends place if you forget to bring your own charger

  • USB-C is a pain. My friend has OnePlus 2 and went on a trip to Bhutan and lost his charger. Imagine the tragedy. Micro-USB is universally accepted and you can even charge your phone by asking for charger from your UBER or Ola driver in India too.

    Convenient always!

  • I wouldnt ask for USB-C… For all the phones and devices in the house too many wall sockets will be blocked … My USB hub charging point idea was already discarded by family.

  • with fast charging feature type c right combo but still donot any complain i donot like type because only few brand make this usb so cable to costly in market…

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