Celebrating Art and Culture - Google Steps up!


    I’ve always believed Technology should enable art. Make it accessible, make it convenient to explore, celebrate and provide platforms that takes enables artists to create and design more creations.

    For all the billions of dollars flowing in Tech nowadays, we do not see much steps taken by organizations to celebrate Art or provide a platform for people around the world to enjoy.

    All this is changing with Google introducing the Art and Google Arts and Culture App - A brilliant initiative that started with the Google Cultural Institute and Google Art Project if you remember correctly and culminating with this brilliant app.

    You can explore entire Museums which you cannot visit
    You can check out famous paintings to the last detail

    Here’s the link to download the App

    Keep exploring and let me know how you guys like it. The images look scintillating on the Mark 1’s 2K screen! :smile:

  • Loving it to the core. Thanks a lot for this one.

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