[OFFICIAL] Fuel OS is here!


    Hola folks,

    This month we’ve worked hard to build a feature for Fuel OS that should give you control of your privacy!

    This July Update, we are releasing Privacy, a feature that keeps your smartphone private by locking apps that you don’t want others to snoop into and by storing your private photos and videos safely in a Hidden Media folder.

    A lot many times we fear our apps getting snooped upon or our own gallery media getting exposed before eyes that are not our own. At our HQ in Bangalore, we face these issues everyday. Like if a developer comes around here asking for your phone to test something, how could you deny it? There are countless such situations that we’re sure, arise in your daily life too.

    And so we thought, let this July be all about reclaiming your privacy.


    With this update, you can now ensure that your privacy is not violated when you share your phone with a friend! Why should anyone know what you’re upto on your phone?
    Lock Apps: Safely lock your apps with a PIN or a Pattern

    You can now '​Lock’​ apps and when you toggle-on the '​Lock App’​ mode, it’ll ask others for the Pin / Pattern you’ve set to unlock it. We guarantee your colleagues and friends won’t be able to snoop over your​ ​locked apps​.


    Hide Files: Hide from your gallery what’s private

    Some pictures and videos are meant for your eyes only. And there’s no reason they should be in a chronological order in your gallery. How about hiding them safely in a Hidden Media folder, which you can revisit anytime you like? Let’s make it happen!

    We have also pushed an optimization update to the dialer app with to render a good calling experience.

    Head to the reFuel app post noon today and ​reclaim your privacy!

  • What about other issues , it has been fixed or not especially camera …

  • @Subodhk ,thanx sir for new update,your team doing wonderful job,its all about hardwork,dedication,teamwork,hats of to your team,but sir we need stable,bugless,freeflowing,fast,smooth operatin phone,what about some major issue? What your team do to solve lag issue,poor camera,call issue,network issue,some bug,very slow responsing? First of all your team need to solve this issue,every phone maker company give stable phone,major public dont want minor update or some feature,this is 20k phone,even cheap phone like mi,letv gave superior/ stable phone,than why u gave such a slow/ lagging phone? We r proud customer of creo,so dont dissappoint us in next update,june/ july update is not neccessary,so understand our problem,tc,bbye

  • Please prioritize the bug list first and work on d same , several third party app lockers apps are available in play store that’s is good enough i think so , especially camera and phone lag issue is much important and essential please focus on that first , camera is crashing lot of times very disappointing with camera performance…

  • just played with app lock feature , its highly appreciated and wonderful app and options also good , but we are expecting a stable OS , lots of bugs need to fix , i hope so next update will be camera enhancement , good job CREO . but we need bug fixes badly please work on that

  • The only thing which is holding this update back is the app hide feature. I don’t know why nobody thought of this @CREO-Team.

  • @Subodhk Thanks a lot Creo Team for the Update !! The issue with the caller Info is also solved. Congratulation to Creo for the Bug Free update, hope to see the Creo a Bug Free device in future. Always with Creo … Thanks

  • incoming call issue also solved , i m feel dialer app is also fast a bit , excellent job by @CREO-Team


    @Anwesh-joshua Thanks for the feedback! The dev team has been working really hard to make sure all of us have a great calling experience :thumbsup:

  • @Subodhk ya sure , i know you guys are working really hard , please fix the camera issues in next update , i feel app locker is also a must feature now a days even third party app is available , inbuilt app will perform well , need camera enhancements and also notification enhancment like different colors of LED for different apps and need popup notifications for all incoming notification , that would be great feature i feel

  • @Anwesh-joshua please introduce shutter sound on/off option , by default sound is on , but we are not able to turn off the shutter sound .

  • @Subodhk When will the data enable/disable in the notification bar be fixed, its a small change.
    Lots of bug fixes need to be targeted. App lock is available in Play Store, could you please target the basics first

  • @sudaya-puranik With this Update it is guaranteed that Creo are also working on bugs along with the new feature every month, so guys all the bugs will be fixed by Creo, as there work can be seen with today’s update. So i would request you all to please appreciate the work of Creo Team and be patience all the bugs will be solved.

  • Yes CREO team this was a nice update but u should try to fix more bugs in a month rather than only 1 or few so next time see into this and thanks for the update😁

  • Folks. This is it. I got a Mark 1 because you guys said it would work like new phone every month. I thought here are some guys who will deliver a better experience on a phone. You guys are like AAP of mobile phone companies. Over over promise and under under deliver. I have a Mark 1 from the day you guys launched, it has serious issues. It is a worse phone than a micromax canvas I upgraded from when it comes to performance and nothing has improved in the last 3 months despite having 3 updates.

    Creo is not even interested in fixing these issues and keeps sending a feature which can be simply downloaded from google as an app. It is just for publicity. It is not innovation. Bhai pehle phone to sahe se chala do feature baad mein dena.

    I am dumping this phone for good.

  • Product Team

    @PissedOFF Sorry sir for the bad experience. We have fixed quite a few issues. If you have downloaded the current update please do check out the dialer, there are quite a few bug fixes and improvements there. For some other issues we would resolve them over the next few updates.

    We do pick up features from what is recommended by community. As far as this update’s feature App Lock goes, the solution is much better than what you would get from playstore. It is also ad free.

    I would love to get on a call with you personally and take a note of all the issues you are facing (and with time solve them)

  • @PissedOFF

    I have been using this phone since 4 months and have owned Canvas 2 in the past, it was pathetic, Mark 1 is miles ahead of it.

    It would help if you could list down the ‘serious’ issues as you say, I only have issues with the camera and the battery (not that much to me since I keep it on charge everyday).

    I just installed this updatein office and if you could read properly the difference is in the integration. I just uninstalled the App Locker from play store since it was very laggy to me and I don’t want to lock apps when I’m the one using it, Creo perfectly solved the problem by giving the toggle to lock from quick settings, please find me a play store app that can do that.

    Also finally the phone call seems much faster than before so you can’t say they are not fixing bugs. Creo please improve camera speed next time.

    Creo people are also so responsive here. Please dump this phone for their good, get off the forums, we don’t need trolls here.

  • @Rahul-Mishra yes you are right , if camera app is fixed then it would be rocker phone for sure , this phone is having minor issues except camera rest of the thing is good … CREO is doing their best job.

  • i think FUEL OS Can bring in other phones as well .

  • @Rahul-Mishra ,i think u r rich person,thats why u doesnt know value of 20k,common people dont need this type of update?feature,common people need stable,smooth,fast,better camera phone,and please dont say anyone troll,i experienced lenovo k4 note,letv,mi,one plus one,all r cheaper than creo,but perform exceptionall well,its our right to tell that this phone is not worth 20k

  • @Rahul-Mishra You want a ‘serious’ issue listed? Network problem in fixing to 3G mode. Instead of calling a person troll just because he had a bad experience, try to navigate through the forum and you would see there are many people who have mentioned this issue. And every time people have tried with the same sim card and different cell phones and could not replicate the network issue. CREO constantly fails to latch to 3G mode. You have to switch Airplane mode on/off multiple times to get it right, for some time, and then it reverts back again to Edge.

    Next, is camera. Other camera apps outperform the native one in every aspect.
    Gaming sucks in this phone.

    Next, battery. Heck, you yourself said in your post that you keep your phone on charge throughout the entire DAY. Is that a good sign of battery performance? I have a Lenovo ZUK Z1 and one single charge allows me to use the phone for 1.5 to 2 days without any issues.

  • @Piyush-Sorathiya Replying to your comment I would like to say don’t u have Internet in your city ? A simple thing u would have done is that you have checked the review of the phone before buying, all the lags are listed by Tech Guru on Internet and I m quoting his line which he said at the End of the article, that “There are lags and bugs in Creo Mark 1 but no bugs is so critical that it cannot be solved via update” so please if u have take the decision be with it , coming in the forum and circulating ur decision on somebody else is not a good thing.

  • @Piyush-Sorathiya in 20 k no other phones will give these features

    QHD display
    ECHO mode
    live photo
    3d photo
    monthly updates
    21 mp with 16:9 ratio

    4k video recodring

    4k slow motion video etc

    i agree that camera is lagging in creo , even live photo also they need to modify , i am sure that CREO Team will solve this for sure ,

  • @saikatsakura CREO has came with a moto A new phone every month it means a new feature every month , agreed? But they are fixing their bugs too which was not a part of thier Advertising now if tomorrow they say we not gonna listen to bugs and we will just give a new feature every month what a one can do to them, I am sure they are not gonna do this but if they came to a stand then What? So be calm as they are with you even you humiliates them with your hurting sentences.

  • @saikatsakura dude in lenovo zuk it has 4100 mah , also it is FHD display , not QHD you need to think of it also . i am also using 3g/4g , till now i didn’t face any n/w issues , its running smoothly

    camera i agree , there is lag i am not sure about games , because i am not game addict , so i wont use that much , for me i have satisfied with this phone except camera

  • @Shaikh-Abu-Sofiyan This forum was created to discuss about features and report bugs and that’s what people are doing. I have never seen any CREO member getting “hurt” by our “humiliating” behaviour. And I have never seen CREO mentioning any time that they are not going to release defect fixes too. So stop pre-empting CREO’s behaviour or creating utopian scenarios about what will happen if CREO responds like this or that.

    Every phone company provides features and bug fixes, both. So along with the tag line of “A new phone every month”, did they ever mention anywhere that they will not give bug fixes? I don’t think so.

    Even Oneplus one came out with significant defects and they rectified them by releasing patches for them quickly. A customer will always choose reliability and dependability over features every month.

    My only concern is CREO should provide at least 1-2 major releases with defect fixes in mind, instead of solely focusing on new features. Whether they will do it or not is their prerogative, but as their customer we have the right to ask it from them.

  • @saikatsakura Now if you are saying this then Show me a Forum or discussion where bug fixes are discussed and solved . Whether it is Samsung or One Plus

  • @saikatsakura I just want to say that please stop humiliating ok

  • @Shaikh-Abu-Sofiyan ,u r happy with creo,thats fine,but dont try to become oversmart,we r all creo owner,when creo launch,i also heard about lagging issues,some vugs,after 3 months these issue is still hunting everyone,and most importantly my city have internet connection,my entire house under wifi zone,so behave decently,dont be rude

  • @Shaikh-Abu-Sofiyan make this forum a good enviorment for discussion

  • @Anwesh-joshua You are correct that the CREO’s screen is of higher quality and that accounts for more battery drainage. I agree. But it should not be as drastic as I have experienced sometime in CREO. After 20%, it quickly drains to almost 0% even with Battery Saver turned on.

    3G/4G issue is real. That is the biggest issue I have faced here. And a lot of people have reported it. So it cannot be an issue with my sim card or area.

    Regarding the camera, though it comes with some good features like 3D images etc, the quality is not as good as with other camera apps. This clearly states that it is a software issue and not a hardware one. I have downloaded and used other camera apps from app store and they work way way better than the app provided with the stock FuelOS.

    Dude, people are still reporting these issues in the forum because they still have belief in the CREO team, otherwise, switching to a new phone is no big deal. I just hope that CREO maintains that belief.

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