Do we seriously need another PlayStore?


    With over two million apps housed within it, the Play Store is Android’s most important resource. But we have to be honest: the mass of apps is rather onerous. Many apps are faulty, do not look good, or have too much advertising. So it often takes several attempts before you find the right app for the task. But what would a perfect app store look like?

  • @Subodhk yes!!! As said, playstore provides bad selection of apps!!! Quality of apps in android is generally poor as well!! Google definitely needs to do smethng abt that!! Or else other companies would do!! In india, APP BAZAAR by indus os seems encouraging!!


    interesting! Have you ever used any other PlayStore? China has plenty of them

  • @Subodhk heard of em!! Mi app store, hauwei, vivo, oppo!! They all have their own app store fr google is blocked there!! That enabled them to provide a battleground fr developers!! China reverse engineered almost evrythng nw!! India should develop her app buildng capabilities as well!! Creo should develop an appstore as well, nt a full fledged one bt atleast should try that by partnering with lead developers!!! Localisation is the key😁😁

  • Hey everyone,

    I think its a good thought about having a store other than Google’s App store, But have you ever thought about the security about the apps and the system? I have used apps from different app store, including Black Market where all apps were free. But I have found lot of malware’s on my phone with it. My phone got even hacked with apps I downloaded from other stores.
    Google App Store goes with many security tests before the app is launched and also during the app lifetime. So I think its better to have one trust worthy store than having alternative store which can compromise security to critical data.

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