Guess the Feature! #Contest

  • CREO Team

    A new feature for the Android Based - Fuel OS is coming up in just a few days. Can you guess what it is?
    Lucky winner from those who can guess it right, gets a Power Bank!

    Here’s your hint. Get guessing!


  • @chinmay may be it’s a hiding feature after sometime

  • Automatically sign into various services via Facebook?

  • An inbuilt app locking feature, especially for social apps!

  • Fully E2E encryption on all social media apps

  • @chinmay screen freeze like thing wen activated preventing anyone from accessing or sneeking through sensitive infos…🤔

  • @chinmay wnt b jst anyother applock software… Creo promised nt to include softwares that can easily b used via third party apps… Mst b smethng more!!
    App permission manager or hidden mode fr apps🤔

  • some advanced application lock

  • I would say inbuld privacy lock, which might include app locker as per this teaser . As per previous teaser I also believe face detection app ( the gallery swipe teaser ) or private space to lock media . . . Anywhichway my privacy restored :p

  • It could be an App locker

  • @chinmay The feature for July update is I think : Fully secured & end to end encrypted "App locker"
    My phone is getting dry…need some juice✌

  • @chinmay Fb app uses more charging (background data) Comparing to other apps. So Creo next update might fix that.

  • Lock your social media app that can be opened by the owner only…

  • Parallel accounts??? I knw its a bad guess 😅😅

  • Full phone encryption.

  • Password Protect Feature For Facebook (APPS)

  • App lock feature for social apps.

  • I think its an app lock feature. we can unlock apps by face detection.

  • App Locker, it is! B)
    Which allows user to set lock for particular apps. Cool!

  • @Ankur-Pandya bro we can get this by app lock also what’s so special about it???

  • Facebook will be the standard sign in portal like gmail/ gplus is currently or high-end security for social apps.

  • I guess that with the new feature, they are going to lock our Facebook down and we need to pay them to get the passcode for it! 😂

    Kidding, it’s an applock feature or hide app feature ( already comes inbuilt with cyanogen)

  • Time specific app locker

  • Fb predefine timeline post future

  • Social Media apps Notifications to display on the lock screen itself :thinking:

  • @Girija-Das External applocker apps are app level, not OS level, so they r not so reliable… I can walk through some app lock apps… May be, thats why…

  • A fingerprint encryption lock for built-in social applications? :v
    or just an inbuilt app lock.

  • Security App Locker!!

  • App lock feature for social apps

  • I’m sure it’s related to security

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