Flip kart stopped selling creo Mobiles it seems

  • Creo mark 1 mobiles are not available in flipkart as well as in creo sense , may be this is the end of creo mark 1 it seems

  • @Anwesh-joshua Yes it is True that Flipkart has stopped the sale of Creo Mark 1 but the Mark is still available on sale on creo’s official website, so please stop spreading rumours.
    And it is not the end of Creo but the Rise of Creo … ok …

  • @Shaikh-Abu-Sofiyan no in creo website also it is not available , if it is rise of creo i would be the happiest person , i m looking for one more creo phone to buy , but i am not able to buy this phone 0_1468479378252_creo.jpg



    CREO Mark 1 is currently out of stock in Flipkart but will be available soon.

    Kindly enter your email ID on the Flipkart CREO Mark 1 page to get a instant email whenever CREO Mark 1 is in stock and ready to buy.


    Locking this thread, as of now.

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