Hai Creo users.., Those who are having network issuses, please report.

  • Hai creo user friends…, I’ve been observing that from day by day the performance of Mark1 is drastically falling down. The major problem that iam facing now is the network issue. Everyone will agree that the most important priority any of any phone is a good connectivity to the networks and good call connectivity rather than the spectacular specs on paper. Even cheap phones are able to connect to the network and make call whereas mark1 failed to connect to the network with the same sim card at the same place. It is truly because of the fact that mark1 is failing to connect to the network, there is no other reason.
    Iam initiating this discussion because i want to know if iam the only one who is suffering this, other wise those who are also having the same issue , please report.
    This network issue must the top priority that has to be resolved , dear admins we cannot wait for another month again for another update. This has to be resolved on priority.

  • @josh13 I totally agree with that I won’t call the customer service more than 2 time but still the issue is not fixed I don’t know what to do I can’t afford another mobile but still I will wait for another couple of Months to see if it’s going to work properly.


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    Airtel open network app shows full network… but while on Creo Mark1 it doesn’t show network towers nor I can place a call; If I replace my sim to a different Mobile, I’m still able to place a call;

  • CREO Support

    @josh13 We have sent you an email requesting further details.

  • CREO Support

    @kkrishnadeepak We have sent you an email requesting further details.

  • @Nishant Replied to your mail…

    Screenshot from Airtel open network site showing full connectivity and mark1 screenshot. (Wifi works perfectly though… just that no Airtel Network)


  • Product Team

    Guys. I know its a severe issue. But right now major carriers like Airtel and others are undergoing some sort of upgrades and maintenance. So, there are a lot of network issues seen in many parts of India. Please have some patience, this is a temporary issue and should get resolved soon. Meanwhile please contact your respective carriers for more clarity .You can see a detailed report and complaints by users in past few days .


    We are working from our end to find some alternative to help you get out of this grim situation.

  • @Ravi-Ranjan
    Agree to your point… Just pointing out that with same SIM, same location, Creo Mark1 No network or have to do multiple manual search and lock on to it; Whereas if I Just put the SIM in any other Cell in same area (tried with Samsung Duos, MMX Canvas4 and another Nokia basic model) and the network is perfect.

    Tried this continuously by waiting for 5-10 mins on each of these mobiles mutliple times over the past 2-3 hours… I think probability of hitting the “No Network” only ON Mark1 here should be statistically low!! The problem I experience here is either “full” network or “no” network… while the other mobiles show variable 1/2/3/4 sticks equivalent in coverage strength. My suspect here is some kind of optimization is pending in the OS for network locking APIs, which I’m happy to volunteer for your testing.

  • 0_1468491413547_Screenshot_2016-07-14-15-45-08 (1).png 0_1468491431549_Screenshot_2016-07-14-15-37-40.png
    This is the real problem , in the screen shots you can see good signal strength shown by both the SIMS that iam using , but as per the phone , there is no network at all in both the sim in one screen shot , and only one network in the other screen shot. It is a rare case scenario where i will be able to see both network at a time.
    It is a very pathetic situation where i cannot make any urgent calls, time and time over i have to wait for the phone to show the white spot in the network region.
    The support team has contacted me , they told me that can resolve the issue by today evening , eagerly waiting for their update .

  • Product Team

    @josh13 Hey ! I can see you are currently in a dead zone. Both your networks signal strength is close to DEAD. Signal Strength in case of mobile network ranges from -51 dBm to -113 dBm.

    Where values closer to -51 ( e.g -55 dBm ) is the best signal strength where as values closer to -113 ( e.g -109 dBm ) is the worst. Ideally any value less than -70 ( say -80 ) is considered to be the poorest signal.

    In your case, both your networks signal strength (-99 dBm and -109 dBm )is the worst . So, try to get in touch with your respective carrier ( BSNL and Vodafone ) to get it resolved…

  • @Ravi-Ranjan ,
    thank you for the information , i will get in touch with the network providers and update soon…

  • Hi I have updated to fuel 1.2 recently. I have seen good network in fuel 1.1. actually at times network in 1.2 is pathetic. @Product-Team Is there a way to go back to 1.1 or when can I get 1.3 to test. @Ravi-Ranjan it’s problem with mark1 baseband. I have tested the network with sim300 a rs200 Chinese GSM modem and signal is working perfectly.

  • @Ravi-Ranjan
    What you said is absolutely correct , in my mark1 the signal shown is nearly dead. here iam taking in consideration of BSNL network .please look screen shot taken from my creo showing poor signal and no network signal in SIM1 . Call cannot be made here. 0_1468599923005_1.png
    Iam also attaching screen shot 2 below of a different SIM of BSNL in MOTO , taken at the same place at the same time which shows a better signal than that of creo , and calls can be made without any issue.
    This comparison shows that at the same place and same network , creo is not able to pic up signals and call cannot be made.
    Iam also adding another screen shot 3 below, this shows what has happened when i put the BSNL used in creo into moto in sim slot 2.
    I have used the same SIM in CREO as well as in moto at the same place and same network.
    I was not able to make a call in creo , this is my concern and I really want to get off this.

    Please help me out by giving a full and final solution rather than giving some technical findings that i may not understand.

  • hai…friends , i don’t know whether iam I the only one who is facing the issue , everybody will agree that it pinches very much when you spend 20k for a phone and not able to make a call.
    In my case i believe its pretty clear that my creo is not able to pic up signals , waiting for creo teams intervention in this and solving my network issue once and for all…

  • @josh13 @Gulsher-Singh @Product-Team

    Creo team refuses to acknowledge the network issues inspite of so many people complaining…strange !! Its the most basic of the functionality to the phone …blaming network providers is not the solution when the other phones in the same place are able to connect well…its been on for more than 3 months , the to and fro…Please check…this is serious

  • I am also facing network problem. Suddenly my mobile towers shows zero connectivity. While other phones show good network reception. I also notice happen to both Sims which is of two different network. When I tried both the sims in different mobile I dint have these issues. It happens only in@creo phones.

  • One more observation now I am using only one sim now, network is better. Once remove the sim, try switching off and switching on the phone (don’t use reboot).

  • CREO Support

    @Anantha-Krishnan We have created a ticket on your behalf and have requested some details on email. Kindly verify and provide us the required information.

  • @josh13 you r right Creo put his fault on sim operator. Creo not able to catch low frequency signal strength. You all are doing well I m also with u. Keep it on. Creo solve this issue on first.

  • @josh13@josh13 you r right Creo put his fault on sim operator. Creo not able to catch low frequency signal strength. You all are doing well I m also with u. Keep it on. Creo solve this issue on first.

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