5 Google Map Secrets. How many did you know about?


    Google Map Secret #1. Add multiple stops

    This feature was recently added to help Maps users select more than one stop simultaneously. For instance, if a user wants to stop at a Point C on the way from point A to point B, Maps now allows that. You can now add all three on a single route and the navigation guides you accordingly. Till now, you had to start one trip from point A to point B or point A to point C first, and then start another trip to the other location subsequently. To access this setting, open Google Maps, select drive option, add destination and tap on the car icon. Then select the menu button on the top of the page and select add stop.

    Google Map Secret #2: Works offline

    One of the key features of the Maps is the offline mode. It allows a user to download a select area in a city or the map of an entire city, depending on the user’s requirement. The bigger the area, the bigger the file size will be. The downloaded map can be accessed and used anytime even if the phone isn’t connected to Internet. What makes it better than other maps is that you can select a specific area instead being forced to download the map of an entire state or city, which you may not require. Go to menu>Offline areas>tap the + icon and download the maps for the area on the screen.

    Google Map Secret #3: Get timings for public transport

    This feature makes Maps a must-have for any smartphone user who uses public transport on a daily basis. This provides timings for all trains, buses and metros in eight Indian cities including New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Just enter your destination and tap on the bus icon on the top of the page and the maps will show the arrival timing of metros, buses and local trains along with all the stations where they stop.

    Another option which was recently added allows users to compare the availability, pick-up time and prices of different taxi services. To access this, tap on the cabs icon at the top of the maps page.

    Google Map Secret #4: Keep a tab on your activities

    This feature serves as a diary for all your activities on Maps. One of its sub-sections called Visited keeps a log of all the destinations you have ever searched for on Google Maps. In case you are required to travel frequently to any of them, you can save and access them anytime in another sub-section called Saved. To access it go to menu ->Your places-> Saved and Visited.

    Google Map Secret #5: Finding new places

    A lot of users rely on third-party apps such as Zomato or JustDial for looking up new places. Interestingly, Google Maps can handle all such requirements too. In case you know the name of the place you are looking for, simply type the name and Maps will fetch the location and other details. In case you are new in the area and you have no clue about which hotel to stay or where to eat, you can simply type hotels, restaurants or bars and the maps will pull out data on places which have received highest ratings or reviews by other users.

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