Is Creo Mark 1 worth 19,999 INR

  • Hi Guys,

    I using this phone from the day one of its launch. I nearly waited for about 3 months for its launch and bought this phone. Now I have been using this for over 3 months. I really think I made a mistake buying this phone, I bought this phone as its an Indian initiative with an attractive ad like new update every month.

    Are they really doing this ? I don’t think so…

    I accept, Echo, data manager, retriever are good features… apart from that all other updates are for performance and features which other manufactures provide during the purchase of their phone… its not what I expected.

    Why I hate this phone.

    1. Performance lag,
    2. Even I am unable to play some simple games which my friends play in their phone which is less that 100 MB,
    3. unable to use VR headset
    4. Network issues
    5. Providing basic features as updates (Like equalizer) Remember its a smart phone And I can get 3rd party apps which can do this stuff, I expect something unique for my phone. like retriever and echo
    6. Heating issue.
    7. battery draining
    8. unable to use my bluetooth headset with this phone it works with all other handsets in the market QY7

    One plus x for 15k works super awesome when compared to mark 1. On the whole I wasted 20k just to buy a **********. Just don’t want to use profanity. I am extremely pissed off with this phone.

    I just want to know If I am the only person not happy with this phone. Or am missing something.

    I am writing this post just to know how may mark1 users are like me. I request not to deviate this topic please use this thread to express if you don’t like this phone and let the Admin know our feedback.

  • Hi

    This phone is not worth of 20k.
    I was also facing the same issues that you have faced.
    Am too big disappointed and unhappy person.
    What ever it is i have wasted my money.


  • @vijay agree with you I am with you it is not worth 20k there is a same procceser used in le1s and k4 note that’s mediatek procceser at least in that we can play medium games and I am not able to understand why aren’t they responding also about marshmallow update topic Created and first they should have been concentrated over the performance update part then other thing and under 20k I also did a big mistake buying this phone i also should buy a redmi note 3 32gb and 3gb ram variant it has better performance better battery life and at 11999 only and now I am trying to sell this phone no body is buying this phone above 12k because now person impressions are they reduced the price 6000 less and everybody thinks its 14k only and not 20k so I am also very very frustrated and disappeared. I totally agree with your topic

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia bro what you has said is 100% correct.
    I also tried to sell the phone no one even offering 10k also for a 2 month old phone even old nokia and samsung has some resale value i think.
    Finally i decided to use this phone as standalone phone at home like a land line since i feel no use of carrying along with because i should also carry charger alone with me.


  • Believe this guys this phone will be a beast in future so till then please cope at least try to if possible for u

  • Yes , it’s true…day by day the performance of the phone is getting worst. Now the phone has lost the capability of catching signals. I’ve tried the same sim in Creo as well as in a 1000 rs phone at the same place. There was no signal showing in Creo and call not connected. Were as the 1000 rs was showing good signal with good call clarity. Creo is not able to Perform what an 1000 rs phone is performing.
    The basic feature of a phone is to make call , but Creo has utterly failed in that.
    What is good if our calls are not connecting with 21 m p camera and other awful spec. On paper.
    Dear admins please help us all in resolving the network issue.

  • @Girija-Das u still feel and dream that this phone will be a beast in the future. Wake up man it’s high time u stop day dreaming and come into reality.

    no one else is buying this phone except for us who bought it initially and burnt our pockets and now draining our energy and time complaining about the phone in this forum.

    Just tell us one point about this phone or company that can convince us and support your claim that this company will a beast when they don’t even bother to look into our issues as if they don’t even exist we are just creating them out of thin air.

    are they not using MARK 1?
    are they not facing any issues with the phone?

  • @iChennadi yeah I exchange the phone with my family member they dosent do any gaming or Facebook only simple WhatsApp and I am using lenovo k3 note 1 year old it is performing smoothly even in asphalt 8 at medium settings plays pretty well and only 10k Rs phone and here 20k very huge difference and camera is also good of lenovo k3 note

  • Yes i too exchanged with brother who will not use the calling feature also.
    He uses only SMS feature.
    Am started using my old iphone 5S .

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