• Hello Everyone!

    Being a owner of CREO Mark 1 is the most amazing experience ever. Although there are some bugs and compromises that we need to make till the time they are fixed.

    I am having a great idea for the CREO Community and the for the company itself. What I want to say is that currently the CREO Mark 1’s HELIO x10 has the clock speed of 1.95 GHz but it can be overclock to 2.2 GHz which will therefore provide more speed and an excellent performance boost to the phone.

    Giving an update that changes the clock speed of CPU will be great enough so, I request whole the community to support this initiative to speed up our MARK 1 and unlock its potential to fullest. Then only we’ll be able to get 50000+ score on ANTUTU Benchmark and the lag will be gone from our CREO forever.

    I hope that community will surely support my idea and help whole community get the most out of Mark 1.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

  • @creo_matrix well bro how do u know so much???😟but… Excellent idea if the admins will help us and i am really into it👍i have supported them though sometimes i got pissed up but it’s okay as i have done it once only
    So please @administrators comment in this forum if possible quickly because i really want a performer a beast😘

  • @Girija-Das Thanks for the reply. I hope that the initiative started by us will reach more and more people and our Mark 1 will surely get an update which will boost its performance and unlocks its full potential.

  • Hello @creo_matrix ,
    I think they did not keep 2.2 GHz because of some reason. May be the mobile gets more heated up. Before I bought this mobile, i also thought why they didn’t use full clock speed. But later I realized that it could be because of the heating issues.

  • @Satyanarayana-Rachapudi Well, if that is the case then do you think that the heating that is produced now while using the device and then after cpu is overclocked to 2.2 Ghz will it make any significant difference in the heat produced? It’s only around 0.25 Ghz increase in the clock speed of CPU which should not make any significant changes in the heat produced or heating issues. And even if it produces a little or more heat, will it make any difference if we can not use the CREO Mark 1’s full potential and use it with lags here and there. What’s the use of 20K invested in such a device where we cannot even get a smooth performance in day to day usage. At last, I want to request to the CREO to overclock the CPU to 2.2Ghz and for that only few minor kernel tweaks are required which won’t be a big problem for the company. And for the heating issued, one may use a back cover as a solution.

  • @creo_matrix ,@Girija-Das Bro check Letv 1s when launched overclocked heliox x10 then you know result.They need again change and release at 1.8 Ghz…Lag mainly for 2k display in creo if you increase clock speed then you get few improvement but then battery more drain first,Heat up device to much…And i heliox processor also more heat up form sd…Best specification for this device sd 652 or 625,3-4 gb ram,full hd display,fingerprint scanner…

  • @arka2020 i got u there man, but 2k display is best future proof but tweaks in fuel os like miui will kill all lags and a battery big like 4000 mah would have been perfect and yes sure a sd would have been a charm

  • @arka2020 I got you bro and I know it too for sure but if some people doesn’t want the update on the clock speed that doesn’t mean the people who need it will suffer. So we can do a little adjustment here. The people who needs the update can do it and the one who doesn’t will not or it’s their choice. CREO should release an app or an optional update for the clock speed of the HELIO x10 and they can revert back anytime through that app.This will be a next level thing as something like this has never happened before and this will take smartphone experience to a next level. This kind of thing isn’t too much costly and time consuming too for the company as some minor kernel tweaks needs to be set with an app. Kernel Adiutor does it well with a custom kernel as we are able to set our preferred clock speeds. And for the battery draining and heating issues. Please check another smartphone, mainly two, 1. HTC ONE M9+ and 2. BLU PURE XL ; they both run on the HELIO X10 uses a Quad HD resolution display and then too the heating is not that much and the gaming performance and user experience is lag free. Can this be due to more and better software optimization and clock speed of 2.2 Ghz of HELIO x10.

    What do think about this Maker Community???
    I and outhers would really like to know about this.

  • @Girija-Das 2k furture proof i also agree.But main point Heliox x10 continue need supply power to display so when you run a game device start hang,lag or frame drop…Also Heliox series powerful also need to much battery…If provide 4100-4900mah then ok…Phone future proof but ultimately you need smooth performance right…

  • Yeah it will be okay leave it to them it will be optimized by the makers to perfect it

  • @creo_matrix yes this is right solution also donot need to creo anything just need they announced that creo accept rooted device for warranty.Also provide a inbuilt root option in development option…And you know that a lots of paid apps available in to make device just ultimate in performance…

  • @creo_matrix also donot compare with htc…:cold_sweat:

  • @arka2020 You are quite mistaken my friend. According to you; “Heliox x10 continue need supply power to display so when you run a game device start hang,lag or frame drop” but this is not the case my friend. Gaming and system performance doesn’t matter on the Battery capacity as most of us know that very well. It depends upon the CPU SoCs and their respective clock speeds. And your thinking about getting 4100-4900 MAH battery would have increased the gaming performance is really bullshit I must say as if this was the case then Gionee would have already been on the top as their would have large battery and as well as great performance too but this my friend is reality and nothing like those works around here. Take a example of OnePlus X having battery capacity of 2525 MAH but more capable in performing than Mi4 with a larger battery.

  • @creo_matrix yeah really lookin forward to this month update to see how much and what bugs are going to be fixed☺✌

  • @Girija-Das I can understand what you need to say and what you are thinking about this but my friend please think about the negatives if the company developers could make it so perfect then why didn’t they did it till then? Why there are many threads in the forums and even on the web saying don’t go for the CREO Mark 1, I am leaving Mark 1, etc. People are so frustrated with the point that CREO Mark 1 is costly but doesn’t perform that great. Developers could have worked on the software optimization and other perspectives before launching the device but they didn’t as much I know. So I and all of us are now starting an initiative to make the CREO Mark 1 the best device we all have ever owned and also the people who ask should be surprised what this phone is and what can it really do.

  • @arka2020 yes this is right solution also donot need to creo anything just need they announced that creo accept rooted device for warranty.Also provide a inbuilt root option in development option…And you know that a lots of paid apps available in to make device just ultimate in performance…

    So you think that accepting rooted devices for warranty is the place where this whole thing ends? Also having inbuilt root access won’t do much good to us. We need kernel sources by the company to start the development on the Mark 1. If we have those then here are the possible things that would happen:

    1. Custom ROMS will be available to the CREO Mark 1.
    2. Custom Kernels will also be available to increase the performance and stability of the device.
    3. Other people would definitely love to buy this device due it’s killer specification and having great development by other android enthusiasts on it.
    4. Last but not the least, CREO will get more time to release Marshmallow 6.0 to make it most stable update ever as their would already be many Custom Android 6.0 ROMS available already.
      And then for sure our device will be a Best of Performance and outperform anyone in the line. Then surely it’ll be ultimate in performance.

  • @Girija-Das I am waiting for that too but the problem is being that the company is more concentrating over bringing new and new features as they promoted it too much before launching the device with a tagline so killer that everyone would just buy it. Now the main thing that’s affecting all of us is that the features are a secondary part but the main thing is that features are not the only things that would make a person purchase a 20K device but it should do the those tasks very easily that a smartphone really needs to do such as Gaming, Lag Free Experience, Great Sound Quality, Cellular Quality, etc. there are many things to be focused on and that can too make the device so different from the others.

    At last, I want to request CREO to delay or minimize the new features update and focus on making the software stable and completely optimized or focus on the Marshmallow update that’s going to come soon. Make it too much stable that we’ll be able to match other high-end smartphones with this beauty.

  • @creo_matrix ooh that’s a really good point u got there but my friend custom rom are not always a good option so from the company what we will get will have a future let’s see what happens to this phones fortune in the upcoming updates but the main thing is it really takes much time to provide bug fix ota

  • @Girija-Das Agreed. But those who want it, want it. And with many cases custom ROMS sometimes outperform the stock ROM too. That’s a different story there. But this are just the possibilities that will occur if CREO would and should release the kernel sources for the device.

  • @arka2020 I would really like to know the reason why I should be comparing the CREO Mark 1 with the HTC ONE M9+ it’s better than it in almost every category. Take it Display, CPU, RAM, Internal Storage, etc. Both are great smartphones and thinking that bigger brands do some magic over their smartphones is totally wrong. They just have great teams of developers who use and optimize the software so well that the experience is buttery smooth. Also both uses Quad HD screen and Helio x10. So the performance should not be different isn’t it. In HTC too, Helio needs to power Quad HD screen and in MARK 1 too, same is the case. So my question to you is, why M9+ plays games so easily and MARK 1 struggles while playing them.

  • What do they have to say about all this!! @CREO-Team @CREO-Support @Subodhk @Vartika-Verma

  • @creo_matrix yes u are correct bro we are lookin forward for a reply @CREO-Team

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